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Thread: Chaos Theory, the Wonderful World of Me RP

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    Suddenly Dino noticed that on the opposite side of the battlefield there was finally severe commotion. The helicopters dropping soldiers in pulled out, as small dust tornadoes began disrupting the landing areas. The Irish man peered his eyes towards the horizon, spotting Nocturn as he was plowing through the First Strike Troops. But something was off from him, or rather he never really bothered noticing about the zombie. He appeared more savage, almost as he was ruled by animal instincts.

    As the eyes of the Irish man continued scanning the battlefield, he picked up a dust figure moving through the remaining First Strike Troops, knocking them down in an instant. Not too far away there was a woman, doing the same exact thing. Dino slowly reached for the radio inside his pocket, keeping his eyes on the three targets.

    "Dino speaking. All First Strike teams must pull out. I repeat, all First Strike teams must pull out. Hawks give them some covering fire, but fire onto the two laser tagged targets. Assault Squads One through Five move up and take position on the perimeter line, barrels aimed towards the enemy convoy. Artillery focus your fire around the enemy convoy. Force them onto an island. We have the range advantage, let's use it. Celestial, give them a hand. Over." the man spoke calmly and with an authoritarian voice, imparting the orders with the utmost precision. Some voices echoed through his radio, simply replying Yessir or Roger that.

    Dino slipped the radio back into his pocket and placed the two Uzis down onto the ground. He quickly searched through the inner shaft of the cross, extracting the R700 sniper rifle. He scoped in, targeting Lilith. His right hand moved away from the trigger and onto the scope, where Dino pressed a tiny button. Immediately after, the scope sight moved onto the rampaging Nocturn, where the same process followed. Dino lowered the rifle and quickly grabbed the radio out of his pocket.

    "Targets Lima-India-Lima and November-Oscar-Charlie have been tagged. Give them steel, over."

    As Dino referred this last message, a group of about 25 soldiers emerged from behind the derelict truck behind him. The men and women lined up a couple of meters in front of the Irish man, shadowing the invisible line that he drew along the horizon earlier. They all hit the deck in sequence, all their rifles aimed towards the enemy convoy, but not a single person fired. They all had their eye down the barrel of their respective guns.

    "On my mark." he said, waiting for the artillery to do their job.

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    "Celestial, give them a hand."
    When te warlock heard the order he nodded, then remembered that Dino couldn't see him nod, so he replied, "You got it, boss!" into the nearest radio. He surveyed the field and suddenly an idea popped into his head. If he could pull this off, their side would get a serious advantage. He opened his spell book and it instantly opened to the spell he needed. His eyes began to glow a vibrant green as the magic began to flow through his body. A green spell circle surrounded various enemy soldiers.

    sit terra ruit alto sub hoste! (The earth crumbles under the enemy!)

    The ground began to shake and the earth enclosed in each circle crumbled, collapsing inward.
    Once the spell was finished, Celestial's eyes stopped glowing and he stumbled, sweating a little. He would need to chill with the heavy spells for a little, but hopefully he helped out.
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    Matthew watched the battle unfold, focused on enemy movements. Suddenly, he spotted the scary beast thing he'd been up against all the way back in the arena fight. Was that...Nocturn? The cyborg shook his head, wondering how much control Nocturn had over the mask right now. He seemed to be smashing everything that he was "supposed" to.

    Matthew's fists clenched, and some of his raptors surged into the fight to assist his allies. If Nocturn threatened any of his party members, he wasn't sure what he'd do. The beast would always absorb his water...and he didn't want to have to use his ACST. The cyborg shook his head.

    Stop it. he told himself. Focus. There's a war going on.

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    Anna had a twig in her hand as she gathered some of the command team and moved forward, making sure to keep a close, but safe, distance from Kyle. Pointing the twig fiercely in the enemy's direction, she commanded her troops "Inform the artillerymen to focus their fire on the enemy's back row, where their communications and commanders may be established. Snipers, target the three individual high-profile players among them. The masked man wreaking havoc on our forces, the guitar player, and the woman in the black trench coat. No kill shots. Instead I want you to aim for their legs."

    She peered across the battlefield to Dino and Celestial, and hoped that their actions would have all eyes in that area for the time being. Turning to two non particulars in her group, she ordered, "You two, get a small squad of three to five of your best troops and flank the opposite side of the battlefield from where Dino and Celestial are. Find their commander, their true commander, and capture him if you can. If you cannot get close enough, or in doing so would jeopardize your lives and the mission, then secure the kill shot." Anna waved them off with her twig before turning her attention back towards Kyle.

    Kyle was certainly already feeling the effects of adrenaline and the instinct to survive, but those feelings would soon begin to magnify to a level that the man had never felt before. His muscles would begin to feel as if they were tightening, but the effects of the lactic acid could no longer be felt. His eyesight became flawless, and wielded the keenest perception. His body could regenerate from near fatal damage in a couple minutes. The effects of such a buff could drive men mad, so Anna made sure to keep an eye on him as well as manage her distance from the man. Bullets would find it difficult to claim the man's life, but stronger, concussive blasts would easily find their mark.
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    Timothy was rockin' out, not giving a sh** until a bullet narrowly missed his leg.

    "F**k, I gotta take cover." Rolling behind the carcass of a charred truck, he yelled to Nocturn, "They are targeting us, bro! Careful!"

    "It's a game of chess and I only got a King and 2 rooks... what should I do.."

    Timothy glanced over at Samuel, the commander, the only one with a plan.

    "He's got his hands full... Due to the opposition's military experience, cause I'm gonna guess they have Dino, they are much more coordinated then us right now.." Timothy mused.

    "Maybe if I just... rally the troops."

    Timothy, taking a glance back at Nocturn, retreated back to the Rebel infantry, and began to issue orders to a small group of them.

    "Look, I ain't no commander, but I somewhat think what we need to do here..."

    "The advantage they have over us is superior artillery, right? But we can maneuver much more easily, we have more 'legs' than them."

    "If we can somehow disable the artillery in the backline and quickly make it back, it'll be a blow they won't forget. Anyone got any ideas?"

    Timothy busted a chord over the surrounding area, showering enhancing magic over the troops. The troops could feel an increase of focus and eyesight, as well as a wind under their feet.

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