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Thread: Sanctuary

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chromium7 View Post
    Hey guys. Just letting y'all know, I'm working out Halle's origin story and demo for posting in the Character Registry sometime this month into next month. Kamiroo, since there wasn't any sort of prearranged backstory for Halle in the ACR contract I got, I've been piecing her history together on my own, and the pieced-together version of the character is going to be the one I run with moving forward. That said, if there were any details you wanted to include, or put under consideration, especially related to how she got her powers, I can gladly key you in on this.

    Skimmed through Oster's ACR before making this post, but I haven't properly read it yet. Good job on doing one though, and to everyone else who's done them because I'm not positive I've read through and commented on everyone's!

    Also... damn. We don't even have the profiles for the ACRs up on the first page, but we've already hit the post limit? Looking forward to that collab. And those profiles.
    Speaking of the collab, we're just waiting on Hunter's new gladiator to get started, right? If not, then lemme know.

    I'm trying to decide what I want to do with the ACRs moving forward. What do y'all think of giving them their own thread(still regulated by Sanctuary, just on a different page) and saving space here? Plus on that thread I could probably have the stories and profiles up at the same time.

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    That'd be a cool thread to see, Oh and to answer you question Kami, It's a secret, hehe. (Though seriously I didn't even notice that it looked like a Durarara reference, huh pretty cool.)

    And thank's for the compliment and CnC, I may pick up a few more contracts in the future when I'm free.

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    I didn't know you guys were waiting for me! Oh my, I'm so sorry. I've finished my midterms and school requirements so I have a ton of free time. I'm going to finish my wRHG by the end of the day.
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