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Thread: Forum Updates

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alphaeus View Post
    Maybe this is just me, but I know myself and others would love to see the wRHG section get its own spot on the front page. Not necessarily a whole area of the forum like RHG itself, but just a section under creative that is separate from the straight up "Writer's Lounge."

    Generally speaking, the Writer's Lounge seems more fitting for what used to be the Original Literature section and similar works that are unrelated to any system, while the wRHG is every bit as organized as RHG itself.

    I think part of the reason that the wRHG gets less traffic that RHG on this forum is that it is somewhat tucked away into a little corner that a lot of people don't notice on a regular basis.
    One of the things I was aiming for with this is a more clearly defined scope for each section. It makes sense to have similar content grouped together, which is why wRHG is a bit hard to place. What is now the Creative section is intended to hold any forum that lets you post your work and give/receive constructive criticism, which is only really a part of what RHG in general is about. In the case of wRHG I felt it was more natural to have it still contained in the WL, as anyone visiting that section understands that it's for literature, so there's less chance for confusion. I feel like it would be awkward if I took it out and put it in the Creative section, and I can't think of any other spot more fitting that doesn't put it up along side RHG which would probably lead to increased confusion between the two.

    I do understand your concern though, maybe I should change the name of WL to include RHG somewhere? That might increase exposure without breaking the scope I'm trying to establish.

    Quote Originally Posted by empiresma View Post
    Idk what's the useful of moving SW and SW2 and SWL in one forum. Now it's hard to search a thread.
    In what way is it more difficult to search? There is only one additional click, otherwise those sections are functionally the same.

    Quote Originally Posted by Rosie View Post
    Ah, I see.
    But in that case, why is the RHG section at the very bottom of the forum? It is a big feature that attracts a lot of potential animators, right? I think maybe it would be better if it was placed underneath the Skill Building forum, then everything linking to animation is all in one place.
    That's a good question. I'm honestly at a bit of a crossroads with RHG because of everything that's been going on behind the scenes here. The main reason being that a new type of RHG has been in development along side the new SP - something we've been working on since even before Hyun's Dojo developed their version of RHG - and it's become something somewhat radically different from the traditional forum-based RHG (or what I like to call "pencil and paper" RHG) that aims to replace it. The new system is a much more integrated experience that takes place off the forums completely. So, when the new site comes out we will be archiving the forum version and any characters in it will need to be remade for the new one. There is also currently no one acting as show runner in it's current form, Shadowkirby and the other mods are doing their best to keep it somewhat moderated but that's about it. It's honestly only there at this point for the people that still find some value in it, as wRHG has shown that people will do it themselves if they find it fun. I would feel bad about closing that up completely, but I'm also stuck in that I don't want to promote something that's outdated and on it's way out. So the interim solution in my mind is to leave it up but put it down low so that we're focusing more on our skills first and foremost. I'm open to suggestions for anyone that has other ideas!

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    shut up
    ok i'm probably gonna regret this but...
    Bringing Back Creativity.
    I like how the forums are organised tho,it's really nice!
    who cares really lol
    lol move to my site its better anyways, better than this dead place.
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    In what way is it more difficult to search? There is only one additional click, otherwise those sections are functionally the same.
    My internet is bad so it takes more time to load the thread that i want.

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    Quote Originally Posted by empiresma View Post
    My internet is bad so it takes more time to load the thread that i want.
    Get better internet. That's the only real way to solve your problem at this point.
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    Quote Originally Posted by poppetje3D View Post
    Praise the lord, we can delete our mistakes again.
    Too bad your mother couldn't do the same when you were born.

    About the layout, I like it. It makes sense and it's still easy to find things despite being used to the old layout. Excited to see future improvements.
    Quote Originally Posted by GMR View Post
    Thanks for making me feel worthless!
    wRHG Page.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeff View Post
    I do understand your concern though, maybe I should change the name of WL to include RHG somewhere? That might increase exposure without breaking the scope I'm trying to establish.
    I see your point (made in the part I didn't quote), and agree. I think a rename of the Writer's Lounge to indicate that there is a competitive system inside would be great. "Lounge" simply does not comply with "a written version of highly competitive violent combat."

    Otherwise, I have absolutely no complaints. Compared with many forums, this was already well organized. It is now quite nice, and I'm sure the major shift we will see later will solve even more questions.
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    Where do ya think?
    Why is the RHG Clan section still devided into North, East, South, and West?
    It's my understanding that these were used for RHG Terretories when that existed, but it doesn't now
    I do, however, understand its not that many clicks difference, but I'd just like to know

    it kinda feels like clans in different sections are cut off from each other (although, that might just be me)
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    Will that be cash or credit?
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    Or just any card. Debit or Bredit works

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    They actually existed before territories. What purpose they serve, I've no idea, but hey! Makes them a bit quicker to search through!

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    Sections were mainly important when Fluid Anims was still active. If I recall, they separated clans with certain restrictions regarding clans in other sections. I think it was you could only ally with clans in your section and only war against those in others (or possibly the other way around, I don't remember since it was four years ago). There isn't much use for them now, so I would imagine Jeff will want to be rid of them when the site is fully updated.

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