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Thread: ShadowRose vs Jade

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    I smell Rose! C3WhiteRose's Avatar
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    Jul 2012

    ShadowRose vs Jade

    Finally, I finish another RHG. Camila doesnt make her part.
    Enjoy my 5 months on & off work.

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    The art is a delusion. IvanAnimator123's Avatar
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    Mar 2016
    Because ˇyou want to know! >:V
    DIVINE!!!!! I like your work!! 10/10
    But i like more Gildedguy vs Jade

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    Dec 2015
    whoa, you're pretty good. Just reminds me of a lot of Spanish dramas my Grandma use 2 watch.

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    The Universe In My Eyes Creepin_Bro's Avatar
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    Mar 2016
    Where do ya think?
    Holy shit, this is amazing, nice work
    I hope Jade does her part
    Or did you mean she wasn't going to?
    Either way, godly work, I'd like to CnC, but you'd need some one at least close to your skill level to do that

    Quote Originally Posted by Vorpal View Post
    Yeah that's 5056 IFUKDURMOM drive, it's the house on the end and the road is a long one.
    Quote Originally Posted by Damian View Post
    You know what's really long? The dick I'm gonna stick in your nostril you lil cumbucket spitoon ass bitch.
    Quote Originally Posted by Vorpal View Post
    Will that be cash or credit?
    Quote Originally Posted by Damian View Post
    I'll take your food stamps card you broke crackwhore no-teeth having, giving gumjobs for a bump ass musty hag.

    Or just any card. Debit or Bredit works

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    Skull Enforcer Azure's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by Creepin_Bro View Post
    Either way, godly work, I'd like to CnC, but you'd need some one at least close to your skill level to do that
    This actually isn't true, anyone can CnC anything. Even if you're not at someone's skill level, you can still provide perspective; hell, you can possibly provide more because you can view it from a different standpoint. So don't be afraid to give your opinions of a work, dude. Every bit can help.

    Spoiler for What I've Obtained:

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    StickPage Cave Goblin Jeff's Avatar
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    This is incredible, amazing work
    Last edited by Jeff; 06-24-2016 at 01:25 PM.

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    Member Polymental's Avatar
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    well damn, 5 minutes are short when looking at this! This is what animators heaven looks like
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    Just remember, you should never think on how smart you are, it will only hurt you.

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    Of Regret and Longing. Kamiroo Wolf's Avatar
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    Sunken Place
    Looks great!
    Current wRHG : Baer


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    I like how you took a different path in this battle. In previous battles you made it was just extremely fast fighting. But in this battle it was slower paced, and your utilization of stories to help with the battles was pretty cool.

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    man, why is this not on Stickpage's main page? this content here... I am stun-locked. Everything I had to say was about how good this was. But that's all for now, because I can't make up words for it. Where did you even get the backgrounds? it's so dumb-foundingly beautiful D: I wish I could have seen Camilla's answer to your part. anyway man, pretty sure you could have won that even if she did.

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