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Thread: Friday Funk #28: Time and Time Again

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    Friday Funk #28: Time and Time Again

    Welcome one! Welcome all! Welcome back to the Friday Funk; your weekly dose of writing prompts!

    Writing prompts you ask? Yes! Writing prompts is what the Friday Funk is all about. Every Friday I post a thread like this one with a word, a phrase, a theme or an established setting. Your job is to write a story about it and post what you got on this thread, of course remember to put it in a spoiler to avoid long posts. If you haven't finished your piece and it's past the due date, well it doesn't really matter! The thing is that the due date is here to motivate you to finish the story, in truth anyone can do any past FF any time they please.

    Cool, huh?

    Also yes, I'm aware that it's not Friday but I missed it so just take this! I had trouble thinking of more prompts, until I recently stumbled into a pretty neat blog for them! Now I'm basically going to just take ones from them.

    You're free to browse through that place as well; they have pretty awesome ones. Have fun!

    Now onto the prompt for this week!

    Spoiler for Prompt!:

    Now, everyone is free to CnC (Comment and Criticism) anyone's entry! No matter what kind of level of writing you are or even if you just happened to pass by and found an entry that you loved, I'm sure that the Writer would be more than happy to know what you thought~

    Anyways, that's all darlings~Merry Writing everyone and good luck!

    Also if anyone has an idea for an Friday Funk prompt then you're more than welcome to send your idea to me via Private Message~
    o w o
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    Here we go, I'm a little rusty, so forgive me for that.

    Otherwise. CnC is appreciated!
    Spoiler for Fire Makes Smoke:
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    Spoiler for Stuff You Probably Don't Care About:

    Spoiler for Supports:
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    And begins.

    Here's my entry!

    Spoiler for Forever is a Strong Word:

    Feel free to CNC.
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    I have come and have a story to tell, come sit by the fireplace or outside and feel a gentle breeze. It is killing- I mean story time.
    Here is my entry:
    Spoiler for Hourglass Worlds:
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