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Thread: StickPage will sponsor YOUR animations with cash!

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    StickPage will sponsor YOUR animations with cash!


    What Is This

    At StickPage we are a big believer in the potential of our community. Throughout our history we have seen some amazing work from very talented members, some of whom have grown from young fledgling artists to professional career animators in the short time our site has existed. We are proud of those who have the drive and put in the effort to better themselves and make their vision a reality, and we are dedicated to inspiring as much of that ambition as we can in our members.

    StickPage offers a unique opportunity for dedicated animators to receive sponsorship from us for your best work. We want to pay you to make the animation you've always wanted to. It's a chance to get your foot in the door to the animation world, experience what it's like to be a professional animator, and still make some money while doing so. If that sounds like something you'd like to get involved in, then please read on and take a look at what our conditions are for sponsorship.


    In order to be considered for sponsorship we have a few absolute requirements that must be met. Please take a look at the following list first and make sure you are comfortable with following everything listed. You may send in a sponsorship request with special accommodations and we will still give it consideration, but otherwise these are strictly non-negotiable terms.

    • StickPage Branding - StickPage branding must be present on all released versions of the animation. You will be provided a package with branding that needs to be applied to your animation in the following ways:
      • Introduction - A brief animated introduction to be placed at the very beginning of your animation, after any preloaders. We prefer custom made introductions for originality
      • Main Menu Link - If your animation is a SWF and has a menu, a link to StickPage must be present somewhere in it
      • Watermark - A StickPage watermark must be present in the lower left-hand corner of the animation throughout playback, must be a link to StickPage if it's a SWF
      • Credits - StickPage must also appear during the credits, must be a link if it's a SWF
    • Unreleased - We would like to only sponsor fresh content, if you submit an older animation there is virtually no chance we will be interested in it
    • Timed Exclusivity - We will arrange a date to release your animation through official StickPage channels, and after a two-day period of exclusivity you may release the branded animation anywhere else you please
    • PayPal Account - In order to best reach our international user base we utilize PayPal's extensive reach, and as such having a PayPal account is required in order to receive payment

    What We Like

    While we generally trust and respect an artist's vision and right to expression, we also have a few needs that should be taken in to consideration before a sponsorship is requested. The following are things we think are important qualities in a desirable animation. They are not absolute requirements, but we're far more likely to sponsor animations that take these into consideration.

    • Quality - Above all else we value overall quality. Nothing impresses us more than seeing great effort and care being put into an animation.
    • Length - The more of your animation there is to enjoy, the more likely it is to stand out! Lengthier animations are more likely to be featured. We do not include credits and introductions as part of the length.
    • Story - Not every animation needs a detailed story, but at least having a solid point to your animation helps tie it together better and will also help it stand out more.
    • Originality - There is an excess of simple stick figure fighting animations - try something new!
    • Humor - Making us laugh is the quickest way to our hearts. Not a requirement, but refreshing to see!

    What We Don't Like

    • Cursing - StickPage is frequented by a diverse range of people of various ages and cultures, and as such we tend to air on the side of caution when it comes to a controversial subject like whether or not swear words are appropriate. We would rather you avoid swearing completely within an animation, but censoring any swear words will also work.
    • Extreme Gore - In the past some talented animators have gone a little overboard with their graphic depiction of violence and gore in their animation, and it left some viewers feeling uncomfortable. To avoid upsetting our viewers we may ask you to tone down some gore if it's too much.

    How To Apply

    To apply for sponsorship, please privately upload your animation to a file host of your choice and send me a PM through these forums including the link to your animation and any other information we should know. We will review your animation (usually within 2 business days) and see if it's something we can sponsor based on our requirements. If we like your work, we will offer an amount for sponsorship and mention any changes we would like to see. At this point you may choose whether or not you want to accept our offer - there is no expectation from us until we have both agreed to the terms. If you choose to accept our offer, after any changes have been made and the final animation with branding has been submitted we will send the agreed payment to your PayPal.
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    shut up
    oh my lord it's time to get animating
    who cares really lol
    lol move to my site its better anyways, better than this dead place.
    Spoiler for *generic spoiler name for obligatory epic rofl quotes :DDdddDddd*:

    Who even reads SP signatures anymore?

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    Does sponsored animations have to be stickfigures?

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    Yes, we don't currently have any plans to sponsor animations that don't at least include stick figures in some way.

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    Find me for top tier Devour treatment ;)
    Oh nice! I'm happy to see that this is out. Let's get h y p e d

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    Wooooo! Let's go stick figure renaissance!

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    im really looking forward to this!
    il try my best to participate.
    -and thus-


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    welp, this should bring back some attention to sp channel

    Spoiler for stuff:

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    Where do ya think?
    didnt this already exist?
    I seem to remember a post about sponsership, with some of the wording being exactly the same
    either way, reposting it brought a lot of attention

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    Will that be cash or credit?
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    Or just any card. Debit or Bredit works

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    Yeah we already had a thread similar to this, but we've got some money put aside now specifically for these sponsorships so we sat down like we did with the competitions and updated everything. it's now a lot easier and faster to get something sponsored, and when the new site comes out this will all be built right into the site. This thread contains the most clear and up to date information. If anything isn't clear let me know and I'll reword it.

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