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Thread: Video Game Parody [ENDED] - Summer Competition 2016

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    I look forward to competing against all of you. My entry for this is going to be: Multiple Games

    The WIP thread will come later this evening. I must say that I am thoroughly excited about this competition, and I am very confident in what I have in mind for this

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    I guess it won't help deferring the post to an unknow date as Mc Jeff clearly foreshaded.
    On a wonky estimee the behind the scenes might worth as high as 20% of associated potential points, wich can be crucial for equally handy people in this comp.

    I'm joining. (So truly to have skipped a bunch hours of physical activity by now)and I'm setting up the Thread, please stand by.
    I want to see if you will guess the games i'm doing. Nothing special though.
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    I'd like to join!

    Camila - OFF

    Wanna watch this battle? Click HERE for MY part and HERE for GILDEDGUY'S part
    his part is amazing ♥
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    So, this is actually happening. Nish is joining a Stickpage animation competition after a mere 6.5 years of hesitation.

    I will be parodying old school, first-person, point-and-click Sniper games, Jeff.
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    In your deepest fantasy. poppetje3D's Avatar
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    Im in too, ill probably do a Soul Calibur animation.

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    I guess I'm in. My game is Prototype.

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    Exciting turn out so far! I'm genuinely interested to see what you all come up with, I see a lot of outside the box thinking and I like it. I've updated the main post again with the new announcements & WIP threads.

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    Poppet and my housemates convinced me to give this a shot
    Dark souls
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    Ah, this is good pressure to actually go through with this. Can feel my blood starting to heat up at the chance of competing proper with some folks on here. I'll probably lose, but hey, it'll be fun. :3

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    B R I G H T | S T A R exceld's Avatar
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    Count me in, Jeff!
    PokeRody (Parody of Pokemon Yellow and other games)

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