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Thread: Game: Squeaky Gears

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    The tuned down music during your lost made me laugh most of the time due to how less-reactive I could be. 285 is the furthest I could go so far, would like to play this for the rest of the day, I think. I like how you start to make stage variations from 150 m mark.

    Here's one-two things I noticed during the game:
    - This one happens when you stand on the movable platform (say, the guy stand on the platform that's movable from left to right), and when I move that platform to the right, apparently the guy doesn't follow the platform movement. So instead of following the platform movement and stands there, the guy falls to the trap because I thought the guy would follow the platform he's standing.
    - Another one happens when you go through the grass platform; At the time my guy runs straight to the brown area of that grass platform bit, he doesn't get hit while I thought the hit area of the platform applies to every single part of it. It made me worried just a bit for the first time seeing it honestly haha.
    - When I move a box with quick drag during 100 m mark, it feels like kinda dragged out from the moving line a bit. Took a screenie for more understanding about this:
    Spoiler for This:

    - EDIT: Also, this particular area. Maybe I suggest for the moving line of the platform to fit the already existing platforms so I don't have to jump or go through the next platform to death because being tripped by it.
    Spoiler for I'm talking about this area:

    - EDIT2: I notice that falling from higher place can lead you to death (I just had it after bouncing from a movable platform that goes up). Is this normal?

    As for the suggestion, I'm thinking about adding the short-tap/long-tap jumping function. Say, I want an option where the guy jumps just a bit by pressing "Space" button in shorter time than doing the normal jump (on this game) by pressing "Space" button in longer time. Maybe it could be considered.

    I still can't imagine how this game running on mobile will affect the difficulty to be more easier or even harder compared to PC. Looking forward to this if it's ever released on Android though, just for the sake of difficulty comparison.
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    Thank you for the suggestions Mustika.

    Update: The Mobile versions of the game are now available

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