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Thread: SPC- Bayonetta 2

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    SPC- Bayonetta 2

    +jojo in the end?


    menu: 20%
    animation: 6%
    story: 50%
    music: 50%

    W.I.P Screenshots
    Spoiler for :

    Spoiler for :

    Spoiler for :


    July 7- Started WIP thread, added first screenshot
    July 8- added another screen shot (puddles are cool- I gotta change this wonky, wobbly rain tho)
    July 17- Added a SMEXY banner logo at the top ooohh so nice. the first two screenshots have changed a bit but I won't update them yet. Added a third screenshot.

    tune in next time on dragon ball z for more
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    damn that bg tho anyway, good luck!

    exceld | excore

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    fuck off dude spending way too much time on backgrounds is my schtick
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    july 17~ bada bing bada boom, I have added a banner and a third screenshot
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    Bayonetta is my favorite game character and my favorite game series.

    Don't mess this up or I will end you.

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