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Thread: Class Warfare - RPG/Fighting game hybrid (demo avaialble)

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    Class Warfare - RPG/Fighting game hybrid (demo avaialble)

    It was many, many years ago that I first found stick page, and was enthralled by the fights, games, and other wacky animations therein (I still remember jcamelo being my favorite, if anyone remembers him). This drove me to slowly over time try to make my own game in the same manner, but bigger and better than I ever thought I could do. I only thought it would be fitting to come back and try showing off where it's taken me. Currently I am moving a game called Class Warfare through Steam Greenlight, and it's my attempt to capture all the stick goodness that I love and remember.

    The game combines fast fighting game mechanics (fast movement, combos, etc.) with RPG customization for your character. You can choose from six unique classes and create your own movesets of Special Attacks. You can also change your equipment to alter your stats, as well as utilize status effect (like poison) and items (like potions) in combat to make for some really interesting and varied fights.

    Here is the trailer and some screenshots followed by a link to the demo on IndieDB and a link to the Steam Greenlight page. If you like what you see, give the game a Yes vote and consider supporting on Kickstarter as well. Thanks!

    Spoiler for Screen shots:

    Download the demo here!

    Vote on Steam Greenlight

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    One word.

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    A word of advice; Go advertise somewhere more popular like reddit. That way you can get more people to know about the project and can actually help you properly.

    Going to edit this post later on with a proper critique on the game itself, since I'm not on my PC right now. The first critique I have is the animations themselves, I can't tell if you wanted it to be simplistic or not, but they honestly seem pretty bland. Same with the effects. Try and see if you can get a professional animator to help you with the animations themselves, it'll immediately make it much more appealing to anyone who wants to play it and it heightens the overall enjoyment of the game.

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