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Thread: SPAC Theme Suggestions!

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    You're right guys. A Music Video is too highbrow for the brainless fighting crowd. Jeff asked what YOU guys liked animating, so it should be something that doesn't require much elaborate preparation to pull off.

    That's not meant to be a jab btw. Just an honest opinion
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    Quote Originally Posted by Irian View Post
    Sarcastic. I guess it's because I've never seen a stick-music-video before, so I can't really picture what a good one would look like. I guess it's possible though

    Quite a classic.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Zero View Post
    oh god
    I forgot about that one. Good times
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    Anime Tribute! that would be the best ^_^

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    Quote Originally Posted by RalvinTY View Post
    Anime Tribute! that would be the best ^_^
    please no

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    Quote Originally Posted by RalvinTY View Post
    Anime Tribute! that would be the best ^_^
    the day that happens i'll be officially done

    kys hahahhahha xdd :/

    Spoiler for shit fuck:

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    Quote Originally Posted by guramecon View Post
    please no
    please yes
    Quote Originally Posted by Externus View Post
    I'm here to make money and use lens flares. And I'm all out of lens flares.

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