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Thread: Mr.MI V Foxtail

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    It's a cool battle, your animation is smooth. Did he spare Foxtail at the end ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ACFH View Post
    It's a cool battle, your animation is smooth. Did he spare Foxtail at the end ?
    I think he choked her and killed her.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TTheDDoctor View Post
    Well I beg to differ. The OP clearly says- and I quote- "Armand has made his but i asked him if it would be okay if we let the battle end in a tie."
    Yeah that was a mistake on my part I meant to type hasn't i must have missed those keys typing.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mark XD View Post
    lol what did i just watch, this is not a rhg, what ever happened to rhg battles, this is more like a spar animation, i'm so confused by that ending, and the fact that you drew her as a little girl, while you pummel her... what happened there
    I animated her as a little girl cause that's how that character is drawn in a lot of pictures and fanart. I wanted to leave the ending like as a mystery. and she's pretty strong she didn't really take that many hits from my character anyway and no she isn't ded.

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    wait.... that ending was confusing did he spare her or killed her? bigger question is.... HOW DID THIS END? A CLIFFHANGER? OOH THE MYSTERY!
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