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Thread: Fraysan RP 2: Izardale

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    "They're not broken? Awesome, thanks!" Mercy took the glasses and inspected them. She licked her thumb, then rubbed one of the lenses, before putting them on her forehead. "Oh hi Ed, hi Orwell. The drone is working as intended?" The girl smiled to the kid and his robot, as she leaned over a big piece of wall laying on the ground, and pulled her vest from behind it. She energetically shook the thing, effecting in it raising a huge cloud of dust, before putting it on as well. "The bed felt fantastic, except for the part where it was thrown into the air, but really, I had worse mornings. Mercy answered, as she suddenly fell flat to the ground, as if she was about to do push-ups. She looked to the left, then to the right in search for her belongings, before getting back up scratching the back of her head. "Hmmm...How about you guys? Mini-You feels comfortable to you, Orwell? Something too tight, too loose? Something pinches you inside?" The girl smiled to them again, and began to move parts of the broken bedside cabinet to the sides, until her belt was revealed.
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