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Thread: SOL

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    "I don't care !"


    Not Available

    Spoiler for Old pics:

    "I want to kill them.

    Spoiler for Abilities:

    Spoiler for Stats:

    Spoiler for Weaknesses:

    Spoiler for Personality:

    Spoiler for Story:

    Spoiler for Demo (Get outta here, those demos are outdated):

    Trivia : Sol = Sun or Ground
    Sol Flamboyant = Burning Ground/Sun
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    Your character's weaknesses make her very vulnerable to any RHG that is fast, ranged, or both. If you were to go up against anyone with super speed, then you're character would die. Thankfully, it's mostly about the animation that counts, and since your animations are very smooth and have nice effects, you'll be good.

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    Thanks for your feedback. Which weakness(es) I have to remove ?

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    Actually I would you say your RHG is fine. Your weaknesses aren't too specific, and provide limits for her.
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    Ok, thanks for your feedback.

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    You should really draw the top part of the hair, not just the fringe and the sides. Looks really weird when there's a set of hair and also a perfectly round head.
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    You're right, I'll add the top part. Thanks for your feedback.

    Oh my Sol. She looks like a tomboy, how to make a princess/royal-themed hair style ?
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    Accerleration? What kind of power is that? She just moves super fast?

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    Exactly, it's just a super fast move, she uses it with a famous burning punch.

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    One more thing, why does it say ranged weapons can beat her when she can triple jump, move very fast, and has her ranged weapons?

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