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Thread: Hello! Fellow animators!

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    Hello! Fellow animators!

    Hello everyone my name is AscensionAnims or u can call me Aquarius in RHG battles. I may look like a junior animator but at least I know how to animate . And also I am still a high school student, plus I have an RHG character named Xerxes. I won't talk about that to much but I just want to say ... thx for letting me join the forum and good luck to all animators :P. Tq.
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    Witam serdecznie

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    Is that a JOKE?!

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    Hehe same here

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    You can share some topics for the discussion that was about the blog at this platform it was good to interact with one another. I need to have some formation that was at essay supply it was used to read some polices on it that was able to get among all of these.

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    Hello and welcome,enjoy stay here

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    Hello,welcome aboard

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    Whats up fellow noobie animator.

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