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Thread: GRAND THEFT AUTO V (Parody)

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    Grant Theft Auto V (online)

    I'm guessing you guys who've played GTA 5 online know about this but this animation will be set on the an activity which takes place but hence this mode is different from any other deathmatch!!.
    The mode taking place in a parking lot DEATHMATCH!!!!

    Animation: 100%
    Sound effects:99%

    Two teams made of equal players kill each other and who so ever has the last kill, yeah yeah you get it, wins.
    Nonetheless for confusion sake there will be 2 teams consisting of 4 players on each team so in total 8 characters completely made up from my wonderful imagination.
    Dan Croll - From Nowhere (Baardsen Remix)
    Tunde Adebimp - Speedline Miracle Masterpiece

    Now here are some screenies for you ladies. enjoy and keep up with me as I parody this game up.

    Menu for the animation

    Team 1

    Team 2

    As stated before the setting for this animation is at around lunch time when the sun is highest and at a parking lot. The parking lot has been fully constructed and animated from angles. It was tough I've never dealth with so many things like this before. So here is the concept.

    Spoiler for Screenshots:
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    Spoiler for RHG SIgGYY:

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